Heads-Up Player vs Player Fantasy Match-ups

Choose an athlete from one of our many NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL mash-ups available


All users will receive a 100% match bonus up to $100 on their first deposit. 100% safe and legal.
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How to play

  • Find a heads up Mash-up you wish to compete on. Whether it be the favored player or the underdog, only you can decide!
  • Choose a dollar amount you wish to play for and offer it to other challengers and/or friends
  • Wait for a user to accept the other side of your challenge and enjoy following your players fantasy points live vs one another
  • Collect your winnings immediately after the contest is complete!!!

Create your own mash-ups and invite your friends to play along OR POST THEM TO OUR LOBBY PAGE FOR USERS TO ACCEPT!

Our Heads-up 1 on 1 Mash-ups make it SIMPLE and FAST to choose which side you think will win. No building lineups or automated script programs here!


Pick a Mash-up of your liking and choose which player you think will win the match with or against the point differential and enjoy watching the contest along with other users on your side!


Follow the players' statistics in live mode with updates every 20 seconds!