How It Works

What is Fantasy Mashups?

Fantasy Mashups is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) website that differentiates itself from "the big guys" by offering heads-up 1 on 1 athlete Mashups. We know how hard it is to actually win on the "big guys" sites and we are sure you do too! That is why we made this site for you, the average Joe. No need to stay under a salary cap, or for that matter, even building a line-up. Choose from NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA mash-ups!

We offer 1 on 1 athlete mashups where you pick one side to beat the other while factoring in the difference in Projected Fantasy Points (PFP) between athletes. Our team of engineers has developed a unique algorithm to produce accurate PFP's per player to give each player an accurate and fair point differential.

For example:
Julio Jones is playing against the Saints Defense and his PFP's are 18.5. Antonio Brown is playing against the Bengals Defense and his PFP's are 14.5. For this particular mashup there is a difference of 4 PFP's in favor of Julio Jones: Julio Jones -4 PFP Vs. Antonio Brown +4 PFP.

After choosing what side you think will win and beat the difference in PFP's or stay within the difference, sit back and wait for an opponent(user) to accept the other side of your challenge. Or, go to our "open bids" mashup tab and view current pending challenges waiting to be accepted by you!

Don't see any challenges you like...? No worries! "Create" your own mashup and post it to our lobby and wait for an opponent to accept your challenge! After your mashup has both sides accepted, sit back, relax and enjoy watching your players stats live!

How do I play on Fantasy Mashups?

  1. Create an account and verify it via email
  2. Deposit money into your account if you want to play live paid Mashups
  3. Pick which Mashup you want to challenge another user to
  4. Choose an athlete you think will beat the other athlete or get inside the PFP difference
  5. Sit back and watch your Mashup live and root for your side! Collect your winnings immediately after the Mashup is over.